Invested Property Management does not simply collect rent and manage the maintenance of your rental property. Successful rental management requires a comprehensive skill set including the ability to solve any number of problems that can arise during the course of management. Our high-quality property managers have extensive market and legal knowledge combined with the ability to communicate effectively while managing a portfolio on a proactive basis. Owners choose and stick with Invested Property Management because of our high level of service and the peace of mind knowing their property is in the right hands.

Happy Tenants = Happy Owners
At Invested Property Management we understand that the best way to increase the bottom line is to place quality tenants and maintain them in your property as long as possible. Our low tenant placement fee provides very little incentive for us to flip your property to new tenants each year. We have many tenants that stick around for years and we focus on achieving high retention rates.

Not only do we use effective screening processes and tools, we also use common sense. In addition to credit, criminal, employment and rental history reviews, we evaluate each potential tenant by listening and watching for indicators that the tenant will be respectful of the property, pay on time and are financially/emotionally stable enough to meet their obligations as a tenant.

The work does not stop at placing a tenant. In order to keep a tenant happy they must receive a wonderful renting experience. Our tenants are respected and stay happy throughout the lease term through check-ups, interior inspections, and prompt maintenance attention.

Process and Technology
Our firm utilizes industry leading software allowing us to effectively manage a portfolio of rentals through constant process management. Rent collection, lease renewals, maintenance items and inspections stay on our radar through disciplined category management. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Inspections, Preservation, and Maintenance
We do not believe in a “One-Size-Fits-All” maintenance schedule. During the on-boarding process, we customize a plan based on a property’s specific needs. We then follow the plan, adjust it when necessary and never lose focus. Regular drive-by’s and interior inspections give us an intimate knowledge of the current condition of your property and a head start on identifying current or potential issues that can save our clients thousands of dollars.

Competitive Rates, No Additional or Hidden Fees
It’s very common in the industry for property management companies to seek out new revenue streams in order to increase profits through added fees. Often times this means an additional burden on owners and tenants, resulting in unhappy tenants and less profitable owners. We collect our management fee when we collect rent or place a new tenant – we do not have account set up fees, maintenance mark-ups, lease extension fees, inspection fees, make-ready fees, etc. These services are all inclusive in our management and always will be!